Monday, June 13, 2022


How to order food by using app line man

in some case you may not like to eat out in Thailand and stay at your hotel and order Thai food menu to eat alone or with your friends.

Perhap if you don't know that in Thailand the app  

Line application is the most use by Thai people and when come to thailand if you want to order food delivery to your location is really simple by going to this process.

download app line man from Play store or App store 

1 Download and install the app 

 Line man >> Google Play
 Line man >> App Store

2. Accept the term of using the app.
3. Access permission allow to reach personal data
4. Permission to access your location 
5 Press menu Order Food 
6. Look for the local shop near by your area and select the menu you like to eat.
7. Pin your location on the google map 
8. Press confirm order 

That is and wait for the ride man will deliver the food and prepare cash to pay or by internet bank oqcode scan to pay.
** extra tip will be vary base on person to person. 

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Sunday, June 12, 2022


How to learn Thai language like the young Thai student.

 How to learn thai by yourself I would like to tell about the way of the learning a language by doing the same thing or similar to the native 

one would say that moving to live in the land or the mother land of speaking a native tongue is the best and yes this is right ,but if we can not do that ,so what would we can do well thank for the digital world where comminicatiom is so simple and easy for anyone who want to learn and study 

Age of Thai student to go to school.

  • in Thailand education system is might similar to the west or other 
  • say from the young age of kindergarten school or pre-school age 3-6 year old.
  • then come to primary school age 7-12 year old 
  • and to the secondary school age 13-15 year old
  • and then the high school age 16-18 year old
  • finally is college level age 19 up 

so to learn from a very young age like a Thai kids is a recommend for you to apply

and if you wonder the topic and the book which young thai student learn then the floor is now open for everyone who love to learn thai

let sum up I will give a link for you to visit and scan the qr code to install the free application for learning and practising thai for you.

This all will help and suppoort by walk your along the path same as the youg thai do.

this include introduce to thai alphabet ,vowels ,phonetic ,grammartically and rading skill 

follow this like for more detail and app downlaod and install Learn Thai applictions

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How to get a driver licensed in Thailand

 I would like you to share the link for a foreigner who interest in driving in Thailand 

the person in chanrge of this is call the Department of Land Transport 

and another link to intriduce is Driving in Thailand website where you can learn from youtube clip about how to drive in Thailand ,Learn the procedure for taking the driver license test in Thailand

Learn how to prepare your documents such as passport ,ID card ,or your driver licensed 

download road safty sign link 



  1. Passport with non – immigrant visa : original and photo copy
    **non quota visa alien identity book (red book) : original and photo copy
  2. Residence certificate from embassy , immigration police office, government organization , international organization , work permit (with present resident address identified) and original photo copy
  3. Five -years Thai driving license : car and/or motorcycle driving license : original and photo copy
  4. Pictures 2 photos 2 inches (not more than 6 months)
  5. Fee : 505 baht
    if you don’t come by yourself : authorise letter with fee stamp 10 baths *** international driving license valid for 1 year.***
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Saturday, June 10, 2017


Suang Phueng Distric Ratchaburi Thailand

Motto : Beautiful women PhoTharam and Ban Phong ,a city of water jar ,Temple Kanon ,Big theater ,spectacle beauty cave ,Floating market ,a million bat and home of fresh fish called Yisok.
Suang Phueng Distric Office: 0-3239-5156
Area : 1,073
Weather: 3 seasons consisted of  hot from Feb - April , Rainy from May- Oct and Winter from Dec - Jan.
Main job is a farm and crop 
alternate job is worker.
Natural resources
Water and lake and dam 
Forest and mountain 
Flourish soi and land good for plant and agriculture 

1.Population total  38,794 persons 20,297
3.Women  18,497
4.Density 37.78 person/
Local food and products.
Orange and Pine Apple.
10 Tourist site attraction in Sueng Phueng Ratchaburi.

1. Water Fall 9 Jone On Moo 7 Ban HuiMak Tumbon Sueng Phueng about 16 km.away from town
2. Hot spring water On Moo 7 Ban HuiMak Tumbon Sueng Phueng about 15 km.away from town
3. Pavothai museum Moo 1 Tumbon Tanowsri about 2.5 km.away from town
4. Manowsri waterfall Moo 4 Ban borwee Tumbon Tanowsri about 22 km.away from town
5. Kajome Hill Moo 3 Ban Papok Tumbon Sueng Phueng about 24 km.away from town
6. PaDeang Water fall Moo 3 Tumbon Sueng Phueng on the way to Khao kaJome Hill
7. Queen Sirikit Botanical Moo 3 Tumbon Tanowsri about 28 km.away from town
8. SomMail Lake inside the area of Queen Sirikit Botanical
9. A domo Farm Moo 3 Tumbon Tanowsri 25 from the town.
10. Pong Yub Moo 6 Tumbon Takai 7km away from town .

Hotel and phone to contact
1. Bua Wattana Resort Tel 0-3239-5083, 0-1857-8114
2. Ban Chom Doi Tel . 0-3271-1077, 0-1984-3475
3. Duan Lom Country Home Tel 0-3236-4111
4. Pa VorThai Tel . 0-3239-5192
5. YaDa Resort Tel . 0-1911-5059
6. Ta Now Sri Resort Tel . 0-1981-5870
7. Ban Suen KanaSub Tel . 0-3239-5360, 0-9826-4680
8. Ban Rim Khao Tel 0-3271-1089
9. BAn Hui Num Sai Tel 0-1378-7727
10. Ban Rai Sai Ngam Tel 0-1383-0864
11. Ban Suan Darat Tel 0-7158-2280
Food and restaurant

1. Kru Ka-raing Tel 0-3239-5166
2. Kru Ta now sri2 Tel . 0-3239-5185
3. Kru Ka Lang Tel . 0-9914-1933
4. J-Lek Tel 0-3271-1063
5. Putcha Tel . 0-3236-4229
6. Kru Mamueng Tel 0-1215-2549
7. Kru Ban pa Tel . 0-3236-4228
8. Daun Lom Steak House Tel 0-3236-4112

Amphoe Suang Phueng Ratchaburi,Thailand former name was Amphoe Jobbueng called TumBon Jobbueng where is the wide area cover with jungle and mountain so hard to access and get to. Local people were hill tribe called Ka-reing . There was difficult in administration so the government was deployed the development unit no.70th from he supreme command royal Thai armed force supported by the local governor and people to develop he area in all dimension such as political economic ,social and technology .

Later ,on 20th March 1969 the interior minister divided the area to be apart call Sub-District Suang Phueang on 15 Nov 1972 and later was expanded to be the District on 1st April  1983.

The name Suan-Phueng was derived from the area cover with jungle and mountain and one of the tree called "Ton-Phueng" a white brown color tree and on the tree there were a lot number of bees come to live and make a bee hive.
Administration map of suan-phueng.
North border with Kanjanaburi Province
South border connected with Amphoe Bancar Ratchaburi
East direction connected with JobBueng Ratchaburi 
West Direction connected with Amphoe  MAGUI ,Tawai Myanmar.

This map show how to get to Amphoe Sueng Phueng From Suvannabhumi Airport - Sourthen Bus terminal - Amphoe Sueng Phueng.
For giving some idea and guide.

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How to asking for simple direction in Thai

เรียนภาษาไทย สำหรับชาวต่างชาติที่น่าสนใจในการฝึกฝนเพื่อเอาตัวรอด จากประโยคง่ายๆ ในการฟังและถาม
Asking for direction in Thai and listening skill for basic and simple sentences and phrases.
Which direction go to Airport?
SA-NAM-BIN = Airport (N)
PAI = Go (V)
TANG-NAI = Which direction (Q-word)
 Join them together.


Answer will be:
Pai - Tang - Sai = On the left
Pai-Tang- Kwa = On the right
Pai -Kang- Nar = In the front /Go ahead.
Tang - Nee = This way.

so for your practice
put these noun words  in the front of the sentence.
Hong Num = Toilet
Rong-Learn =School
Rong -Payaban = Hospital
Satanee -Tumruad = police station
Satanee -Rod Fai = train station

_______________  PAI    TANG-NAI  ?

 Don't forget ending word for showing polite manner .
Krab for men and Ka for women.

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How to find a lower room price rate in Lopburi

Lopburi Inn Hotel is now announcing the grand sale of reducing the room price as lower as 390 per night.
For tourist who are making a trip plan to visit Lopburi ,Thailand
Planning to book hotel in Lopburi for a night stay either for personal visit or working visit.

This sale shock price lower than other hotel in Lopburi would be a smart choice.
Lopburi Inn Hotel is now going on with a new campaign on reducing a room price rate as cheap as possible for tourist attraction with only 290 Thai baht per night or 12 $ USD exchange.
There are some advantage when staying at this  Lopburi Inn Hotel.
First the largest hotel in Lopburi with more than 200 room available. Second, located on the main city road  ,so it is very simple to navigate and get to.Third , Close to Lopburi provincial sport complex with variety of sports and exercise. and Lastly The hotel is close to Big c ,Robinson and other supermarket for 5-10 minutes.
How to book for a room
Walk in booking welcome as well as online booking via agoda.
contact hotel
หมายเลขโทรศัพท์ :  036-412300, 036-613405

The bottom line

Generally ,the hotel room price rate per night in Lopburi is around 18-22 USD  for most  hotel such as Lopburi resident2,Benjatara hotel ,Privacy Lopburi Hotel and etc.
Personal point of view for this campaigning.
Now in Lopburi town , there are quite a high compete for room and hotel business in Lopburi. There were some news hotel and guest room opened quite a lot in Lopburi city ,so it was effect directly to the big hotel as well.
The hotel owner in Lopburi has to consider and analysts situation and making a new plan to survive.
As for his would beneficial for a customer to have a good price in a standard hotel like this.
Cheaper is does't mean better ,however this grand reducing the price is really consider and don't miss out.
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Monday, September 12, 2016


Best 10 Thai Fruit You have to try

Thailand is one of the country in the world that famous of fresh fruit available to eat all year round and if you wonder what kind of the fruit that you can eat during a visit to Thailand I would recommend 10 most popular for a local and tourist perhaps as below.
1Thai Durian : ทุเรียน 
The king and queen of tropical food with a very smell ,but the taste is very sweet and delicious 
2 Thai Mango : มะม่วง 
The most delicious mango in the world ,so try ripe mango with coconut milk and sweet sticky rice menu.
3 Thai Rambutant or เงาะ in Thai 
Hairy skin may look so nice ,but inside is very sweet and delicious one.
4 Water Melon : แตงโม 
Very Sweet and delicious one.
5 Jack Fruit: ขนุน
Shape is similar with Durian ,but the taste and smell in not the same.
6 Mangosteen or มังคุด in Thai
 Longan : ลำไย is very sweet and delicious found in all parts of Thailand ,but especially in Northern and Eastern parts.
8 Pine Apple : สับปะรด 
9 Sweet Tamarind : มะขามหวาน 
10  น้อยหน่า Sugar Apple : 
Durian king of Tropical fruit.
Sugar apple : look like a hand grenade,but inside is sweet.
Jack Fruit is may look similar skin to Durian ,but differ in odor and taste 
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