How to say I am sorry in thai

In English to say I am sorry or sorry is mean you did somethings wrong to someone or somebody and you want to apologize ,then you say "sorry" or "I am so sorry" for instance .Sometime when you want someone's attention as well. Same as Thai Language we consider "sorry" or "I am so sorry" as a polite way to apologize and get somebody's attention.Below is a Thai words for "sorry" or "I am so sorry"
ขอโทษ ครับ/ค่ะ
ขอโทษจริงๆ ครับ/ค่ะ
Kor-Thod-Krub/Kar Krub/Kar is a polite ending speaking in Thai for men use "Krub" and women use "Kar"
Kor-Thod-jing-jing Krub/Kar : Jing-jing is mean "truth" in Thai it mean to emphasis what we say

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