Monday, September 12, 2016


Best 10 Thai Fruit You have to try

Thailand is one of the country in the world that famous of fresh fruit available to eat all year round and if you wonder what kind of the fruit that you can eat during a visit to Thailand I would recommend 10 most popular for a local and tourist perhaps as below.

1Thai Durian : ทุเรียน 
The king and queen of tropical food with a very smell ,but the taste is very sweet and delicious 
2 Thai Mango : มะม่วง 
The most delicious mango in the world ,so try ripe mango with coconut milk and sweet sticky rice menu.
3 Thai Rambutant or เงาะ in Thai 
Hairy skin may look so nice ,but inside is very sweet and delicious one.
4 Water Melon : แตงโม 
Very Sweet and delicious one.
5 Jack Fruit: ขนุน
Shape is similar with Durian ,but the taste and smell in not the same.
6 Mangosteen or มังคุด in Thai
 Longan : ลำไย is very sweet and delicious found in all parts of Thailand ,but especially in Northern and Eastern parts.
8 Pine Apple : สับปะรด 
9 Sweet Tamarind : มะขามหวาน 
10  น้อยหน่า Sugar Apple : 
Durian king of Tropical fruit.
Sugar apple : look like a hand grenade,but inside is sweet.
Jack Fruit is may look similar skin to Durian ,but differ in odor and taste 


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