Tuesday, July 6, 2010


How to track mail in Thailand

In the case that you want to check your mail,parcel or any register items which is you have sent to your friends or family. You can follow this easy step to track your progression
1st you need to follow this link http://track.thailandpost.co.th/trackinternet/Default.aspx?lang=en
2nd Enter your 13 registry code in the text box field and hit Accept
this is a sample code when make a copy do not include THY just copy only RY111771879TH

3rd your search result should be displayed
short brief of the tracking system

Welcome to Thailand Post's Track & Trace system. This system is designed for customers in order to track item delivery in Thailand and International. Customers can follow the result of serching request in very easy way. The step is start from input item number which show on your receipt, then click the "Track" button.


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