Saturday, March 17, 2012


How to buy Thai SIM mobile phone

When you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand and if you want to buy Thai SIM mobile phone for your mobile phone in order to call back home or calling friends during stay in Thailand.
You can but them at the mobile counter look for the AIS logo or DTAC
however ,seem to be the AIS is the most popular in Thailand dew to its coverage area and less problem , especially if you are off the city.
The price of the Mobile SIM is cheap say 50 or 99 baht,and the promotion like call free in the same network pay only 300 baht per month for instance, for more information please contact the sell person over there.
I have a reason why you should buy SIM from sell in Suvarnabhumi Airport ,well communication is the key for you to understand and use you mobile phone in Thailand correctly and effectively ,so not every one in Thailand can communicate with you in English,but in the Suvarnabhumi Airport yes,because they are qualify and aware that they have to communicate with the foreigner.
To sum up !
At Suvarnabhumi Airport not only exchange the cash ,but don't for get to buy or ask information of Thai SIM phone card as well.

Look for the sign and the logo of AIS one of the biggest company in Thailand.


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