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How to call from Thailand by using DTAC SIM CARD

If you come to Thailand and have got a set of mobile phone with DTAC Sim card and you looking for how to make acall from your phone ,then you can have a look for information below.

Making local calls :

Press Area Code/Mobile Code + Phone/Mobile number

Examples : For mobile : Press 08x-xxx-xxx
For Fixed-line : Press 02-xxx-xxxx

Making International calls:

Press 004+ Country Code + Area Code + Phone number
Examples : China : 004 -86-13xx-xxxxx, Japan : 004 -81-xxxx-xxxx

In case of Phone Lock

Sometimes your mobile phone might be locked by your mobile operator from where you came from. If this is the case, we recommend that you purchase a low-cost mobile phone for use here with our SIM card.

Buying a mobile phone here

Forgot to bring your mobile phone with you? You phone is locked? No worries! It’s easy to find low-cost mobile handsets at many shops and department stores. We recommend visiting the following places first when looking for a mobile handset.

dtac Centers throughout the country
MBK Center (located at BTS National Stadium station)

Tips: Thai electricity standard is 220 Volts 50 Hz.


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